Brigham Young University organizes several language fairs for junior high and high school students who are currently studying one of these languages.

These fairs provide a variety of contests and events which allow students and teachers to be creative with their language, to interact and to compete with their peers from other schools in the region.

The Fair is a half-day event held on BYU Campus in mid-April on “reading” day between the end of classes and the beginning of final exams. This day is usually, but not always, a Thursday. The scheduled dates for the near future are:

  • 2022 – April 14 (Thur)
  • 2023 – April 20 (Thur)
  • 2024 – April 17 (Wed)
  • 2025 – April 17 (Thur)

Each fair differs in its range of events, rules, registration procedures and deadlines. Click on one of the language buttons for more specific information about the fair you are interested in.

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• Thank you for your cooperation.